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Learn about state of the art tools and techniques to optimally manage assets and keep costs low.

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Educational programs run by Andrew Jardine draw on his long history of application-based research in the field of maintenance management and his connections to leading practitioners and consultants in the field. The programs’ objective is to combine high quality content delivered by leading instructors with the academic rigour of the University of Toronto, a world class university. The programs are designed to provide practitioners with

first-hand knowledge to make them more effective in their workplaces in a short period of time through an intensive, interactive training environment. Managers from all corners of the globe and from a wide variety of industrial and governmental organizations have attended earlier sessions. Programs can also be presented in-house at a particular company and tailored to meet the needs of that company.

Courses Offered

5 Day Course

Other Options

Every November, the School of Continuing Studies at The University of Toronto works with Andrew Jardine to provide a five-day course in Physical Asset Management. This more intensive program is always highly rated, with attendees regularly recommending it to their colleagues. Although the course is fairly intensive, featuring both expert instructors and guest lecturers, Professor Jardine makes sure his students enjoy themselves: a highlight for many is dinner at the CN Tower.

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8 Day Course

Points covered include principles such as:

  • Leadership, managing risk, and maintenance optimizations, including how to assess an organization’s maintenance maturity.
  • Preventive maintenance, spare parts provisioning, and inspection policies.
  • Life cycle costing, including when to buy a new asset, how to arrive at the economic life of an asset when its utilization declines as it ages and how to optimize the repair-or-replace decision.

When courses are offered in-house, they can be any length, and their focus can be designed to meet the needs of a specific company. For information, contact Andrew Jardine directly.

2 Day Course

Points covered can include principles such as:

  • When to buy a new asset and how to identify the best buy.
  • Incorporating the time value of money when establishing the economic life of an asset.
  • Monitoring the performance of an individual asset and making decisions for repair or replacement.
  • Tax considerations and economic life.

More Information


Anyone interested in attending a course in Physical Asset Management (the next one is in November at the University of Toronto) or setting up a company-specific course is urged to contact Andrew Jardine directly at

Physical Asset Management Courses

There are courses of varying length available around the world; either Professor Jardine or Dr. Ali Zuashkiani can provide details on these and/or create a new course; contact Dr. Zuashkiani at