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Discover the theories that Jardine has developed through years of experience in the reliability field.

Evidence-based tools for optimizing key maintenance, replacement, and reliability decisions

Problem sets with answers at the end of each chapter that present asset management decision optimization tools

Real-World Results

It may be difficult to envision best sellers under the general heading of asset management, but that is really the only way to describe the two books currently available for Andrew Jardine.

Both represent complete revisions of earlier and extremely popular work, updated to reflect present thinking, and both can be considered essential reading.

Available Books

Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability

Asset Management Excellence

Jardine, A.K.S., and A.H.C. Tsang. (2013). Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability: Theory and Applications, 2nd edition. CRC Press/ Taylor and Frances. ISBN 978-0-8493-0300-5

Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability is a completely revised and updated edition of a best seller published in 2006. Realizing that in only a few short years, things had changed, in some cases radically, Jardine and Tsang knew their very popular book needed updating. Accordingly, the chapters have all been revised and several new topics introduced, for example, the role of maintenance in sustainability issues, PAS 55 as a framework for optimizing maintenance management of assets, sparse or unavailable data.

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Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability

This book includes and discusses:

  • Topics that are firmly based on the results of real-world research in physical, data-driven asset management.
  • A solid theoretical foundation for various tools (mathematical models) that can be used to optimize a variety of key maintenance/replacement/reliability decisions.
  • Cases illustrating the tool applications, including food processing, military, mining, and transportation sectors, and petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Campbell, J.D., A.K.S. Jardine, and J. McGlynn, eds. (2011). Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing Life Cycle Costs, 2nd edition. CRC Press/ Taylor and Frances. ISBN 978-0-8493-0300-5

Over the past decade, the business environment has changed drastically. Globalization and consolidation have been particularly instrumental in the changes in maintenance standards, approaches, and the use of technology to become more efficient and cost effective. This second edition of the very popular Asset Management Excellence reflects the work environment of the new millennium, where personnel with tools go out to address the needs of maintaining assets. At the same time, many of the tools, technologies, and thought processes have evolved and matured to allow a rethinking of the deeper maintenance processes.

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Asset Management Excellence

This book includes and discusses:

  • Leadership issues and pragmatic aspects of implementation.
  • Asset management from a life-cycle perspective; detailing strategies, tools, and solutions for maximizing the productivity of all asset classes.
  • Methodologies for achieving the benefits of proper asset management.
  • New software packages for optimizing maintenance and replacement decisions.